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Phew...for a second there I thought you might have gone all gangsta and got some ghettofabulous front teeth. But no! You're gonna be all hot supermodel! Good for you for doing something -you- wanted.
I want eye surgery. Maybe next year. Dogs need new teeth this year. Do you think they have gangsta crowns for dogs?


One can only hope. I'd love to get some teef for the cat, yo.


Be glad you can get them fixed no matter the amount .
To get mine done they want $38000.00 & thats just the specialist , then there is the dentist on top !
Unless I win a lottery it will never happen !

Jenna Schrock

Hmmm, it's been a long time since you planned to have gold teeth. Did you finally get them? Getting gold teeth is as expensive as a root canal treatment, right?

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